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I didn’t even knew we had a Youtube channel, until Lydia subscribed to it the other day. Now we have a subscriber, too. Apparently they create a channel for you if you post a video.

I wrote this little ditty in 2013, before there was a “transgender” movement, before we were scourged with Drag Queen Story Hour, and Andrea Schwartz created the music video.

Boy, if the church was throwing in the towel back then, what’s it doing now?

Well, never mind! Today’s a new day. We don’t have to bow down to this squirming mass of abominations. Speak the truth, sing the hymns, say the prayers, and never give in.

Never give in.

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  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Great parody.

    Now I have to mosey on over to YouTube and check out your channel. 🙂

    1. I’m afraid that’s the only video on it. Maybe I should ask Andrea to make another one–unless I can find a volunteer right here on the blog.

  2. I’d volunteer, but there’s something about working 12 hour days and sleeping until noon on weekends … 🙂

    It was told to Daniel that true knowledge will become abundant and I believe I see this happening. Flatline churches whom refuse to stand for truth are not prospering, but individual, non-denominational movements are advancing in knowledge and taking a stand. Doctrines of men are being rejected and I see that there are many people studying deeply into the scriptures.

    On the Archaeological Front, they are finding abundant evidence verifying scripture. A while back, someone discovered elastic tissue in a dinosaur fossil and now that they are looking for it, they are finding soft tissue and blood cells. These findings reinforce the biblical Flood as historic. Even without these findings, secular geologists have slowly been moving towards a catastrophic explanation for geologic findings. Simply stated, the Flood and the Ice Age which followed are not in opposition to what science has actually discovered, as opposed to what has been postulated.

    There is also research being done regarding the Exodus, the authenticity of Moses and the Red Sea crossing. The Patterns of Evidence series of videos is an excellent source of information regarding these with more videos to come.

    Many now believe that Mount Sinai is in what would be today considered NW Saudi Arabia and there is a huge split rock nearby which appears to have experienced significant erosion from water at its base. Beneath the mountain believed to be Sinai, there exist two alters which are believed to be the alter for the Golden Calf and the alter built by Moses.

    There are also videos purporting to show coral encrusted chariot wheels on the floor of the Gulf of Aqaba. I’m reserving judgment with regard to these, but am interested to see if there are any further developments. Such findings would be an amazing verification of the scripture record.

    Of course, the Grand Prize, the Ark of Noah, has never been found. There are all sorts of folk tales about people that have visited it, but no verification as of yet, and significant questions about where it actually could be expected to be found. Mount Ararat seems to be a fairly recent stratovolcano, perhaps too new for the Ark to have settled there, but the mountains of Ararat, as in the mountains in the region of Ararat, are another matter altogether. One hypothesis is that the ark would have long since ceased to exist, being dismantled for the value of its wood. Nothing would surprise me, with regard to this matter, but if the True God chose to reveal it to us and a 500’ long cargo ship were found in the region, far inland, that would be the archaeological discovery of the ages.

    When we see the anger of many today, their hatred for God and for any wishing to serve Him, it brings to mind the attack of Gog of Magog, prophesied in Ezekiel. There the nations will gather in opposition to God. When God’s judgment comes to this wicked world, it will not be because some innocent person had the misfortune to be born into the wrong religion, but because people will oppose, and war with, all that is godly. Time will tell.

    1. People researching this have had a lot of opposition from various governments. There is an Egyptian take on these events, and that is promoted.

      The development on Neom in Saudi Arabia is opening up the area of Midian and that’s where these Mt Sinai discoveries are taking place. They are not opposed to this, because the account of Moses fits with their theology.

      The whole situation brings to mind Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose,”

    2. I don’t believe the Ark could have survived for thousands of years. Wood rots away; and, as you observed, people scavenge it.

      We wouldn’t need faith to believe God’s word if all these things were laid right out in front of us.

  3. Very funny, especially the crying baby at the end, but also so sad because true. I blame a big part of it on the rapture of the church teaching of Pre-Millennialism. The Bible says the knowledge of the LORD will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. MTT 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God.”

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