Break Out the Crystal Ball

Hillary Clinton – nourishing obscurity

LEAD STORY, Oct. 19, 2021–

Chief Justice George Soros ruled yesterday that the “Thank You Tax,” payable to the Clinton Foundation, is “a perfectly constitutional response” to the second round of the coronavirus pandemic.

The other eight justices of the court were declared “non-essential” and sent home last week.

“It’s not like it’s going into my own pocket,” said President Hillary Clinton. “I only get just 5% of whatever the foundation takes in. That’s only 5% more than some deplorable out there!”

The “Thank You Tax” must be paid on any medicine, medical treatment, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, or testing having to do with the coronavirus, now called Trump’s Damned Virus (officially renamed such last week by Congress). It must also be paid along with any purchase of food, clothing, or household items made by Republicans–“since it’s their party’s fault that we got this virus,” said Speaker of the House Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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7 comments on “Break Out the Crystal Ball

  1. I hate to say it, but this almost lags behind what Pelosi, Clyburn, and AOC are already proposing. 🙁

  2. “Let them eat cake.” Right? Or nothing, is fine with many of them ‘up there’ … the ruling class of the world won’t go without in this forced economic, unconstitutional colapse. Our Republic was designed to prevent this extreme class difference, except it’s been warped. Capitalism may not be perfect, it’s corporatism many people despise, they simply are unaware of the difference. Socialism or Communism or wherever we’re heading if We The People don’t get 2020 vision will not be desirable. They needed something bad for which to blame Trump. Lowest unemployment in history (less crying for gov’t assistance), booming economy, possible re-election, they can’t have that, can’t have a crisis go to waste, can they? Just an opinion

    1. It’s daunting, how many people share that opinion. I find I’m an awful lot more skeptical about this whole business than I’d like to be.

  3. Funny, but not worse than what it will be. “It only hurts when I… “- I forgot what.

  4. Great sarcasm! Chalcedon has sent our Otto Scott’s article on the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed 20 million worldwide. I sure wish Otto was still with us. The covid-19 is no Spanish Flu, not even close, so why the lock downs in most of the states? I sure am glad I live in Arkansas where we are not locked down. My wife and I spent hours in a large garden/hardware store today that was doing great business. Some people wore masks, but no one that works there did. Please President Trump, stop listening to Dr Fauci and start opening up counties that are virus free.

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