The Dems’ ‘Vote by Mail’ Scheme

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Once upon a time the Romans held their regular elections with the army of their arch-enemy, Hannibal, camped out practically on their doorstep.

But not us. We have a coronavirus crisis. So Democrats are feverishly pushing a scheme to conduct our 2020 presidential elections with… mail-in ballots.

But according to a 2012 Pew Research Center study, there are at least 24 million “inaccurate and flawed voter registrations” (–that is, people who do not exist and people who do exist but are not eligible to vote. In fact, we still have many counties with more registered “voters” than residents.

All of these phony voters will get mail-in ballots.

Can you say “Open wide the door to voter fraud”? If you can’t, you’d better learn how.

Democrats have proved by both their actions and their words that they will do just about anything, short of armed insurrection, to get back into power. And if they ever do–watch out.

That must never be permitted to happen. Never again.

Oh! But the Pew study’s eight years old!

And what has been done to clean up the voter rolls since then?

Not much.

Someday the virus crisis will be over. Let’s take care that America’s days as a free republic don’t pass into history with it.

12 comments on “The Dems’ ‘Vote by Mail’ Scheme

  1. I’m not sure they’ll stop before “armed insurrection.” Considering the way they’ve already started arresting people for not submitting to house arrest — a father arrested for playing with his young daughter in the park, a young woman arrested for driving to a grocery store, pro-life counselors arrested for standing on a public sidewalk near an abortion mill, etc. — they’re already using arms to keep the peasants in line. What’s to stop them from doing it on a grander scale, always for the (ahem) safety of The People, of course?

    More and more I keep remembering what my dissertation director once said to me: “You’re a classicist. You know how quickly a civilization can collapse.” And come to think of it, we don’t even have to go back to Rome to see it. Just look at Cuba or Venezuela. It was almost overnight for them, wasn’t it?

    1. Call me naive, but I feel I have to trust the great majority of our military officers, county sheriffs, and police chiefs to remain true to their oaths to protect the Constitution. If they don’t–well, then, this ballgame’s over.

    2. You might be right because they’ve been pretty quiet and silence before a battle is how battles are won.

    3. Our Governor has closed the schools but we are not on lock down. Most of the workers in our State still go to work, practicing social distancing. When on national news shows, our Governor is shamed for not locking us down, but why should he when most counties are covid-free. In my county with the second largest city in the State, we have had 9 cases confirmed and the count hasn’t changed for a month. One size fits all is for totalitarian regimes.

  2. It is up to each State to clean up its voting rolls. Trump tried to do it when first in office but the States wouldn’t cooperate with his committee. I never understood absentee ballots, unless it was from troops deployed overseas. Mail-in ballots is saying we give up, may the best criminal win.

  3. Mail-in ballots give the democrats an unconquerable advantage. If the states, or enough states, or the largest states, do this, then the election it’s totally in God’s hands now.

  4. I received a vote by mail request for a primary ballot. I threw it away. It asked for name, numbers and too much personal info to mail on a post card which could be read by who knows who?

    1. A post card? I’ve never heard of anything like that. It must have been a scam. Here in Ohio, our primaries were originally rescheduled, but now that the lockdown has been extended past the rescheduled date, we’re all having to request absentee ballots to mail in. Both the requests and the ballots (I just mailed mine yesterday) are to be sent in sealed envelopes, with no personal information on the outside except a return address.

      Right now, the primaries don’t present too much of a problem, since the major candidates have already been sifted down to one in each party. What I worry about is the general election — whether the ballots will ever be counted if they’re for the “wrong” party or candidate, and whether extra ballots will miraculously turn up for the “correct” party or candidate. This has happened before.

      Who would ever have thought that our Constitutional Republic would collapse so quickly?

    2. If we really are going to entrust a national election to “vote-by-mail,” then this ballgame’s over and we have lost.

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