Bonus Song: ‘Will Ye No’ Come Back Again’

I post this song for no other reason but that I love it, it moves me, and I think maybe some of you will love it, too–Will Ye No’ Come Back Again, sung by The Gaberlunzie. It sounds great on bagpipes, but I’ve played it on bagpipes once already and it freaked out the cats and made them run under the bed, so I don’t want to do that again.

This was originally sung for “Bonnie Prince Charlie,” the last of the Stuarts to claim the throne of Britain: it turned into a disaster and a tragedy for Scotland.

We long with all our hearts for better than we have; but put not your trust in princes.

There is only one King of kings and Lord of lords, whose right it is to rule the earth, and who will come again to claim it: Jesus Christ Our Savior, the Son of God. Think of Him when you see this; and I defy you to keep your eyes dry.

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