Jumpin’ Jiminy!

Who can resist a sheep using a trampoline? Not me! This video has all sorts of animals–a bush baby! sandhill cranes!–all hopping up and down. Look at all that energy! And all without the benefit of jumper cables.

The last time I used those, my car battery went ZZZZT-Kapow! and the brass clamps melted out of shape. I was the one who wound up jumping. I’d’ve made the Olympics with that jump, had anyone been there to see me.

12 comments on “Jumpin’ Jiminy!

    1. Looked like a cat to me – the one that jumped off the couch into the guy’s arms

  1. I hadn’t jumped on a trampoline since high school when I thought I was pretty good at it. Then a few years ago I was visiting some friends who had recently put up a real nice trampoline for their grand kids when they come to visit. Well, the grand kids were there so I wanted to show off how it is done, but after a few minutes of power jumps I was pooped-out and spent – how embarrassing. Pride goeth before a chagrin.

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