‘Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians’ (2017)

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In the 2016 election, some voters sat it out because Hillary Clinton was obviously a villain but Donald Trump was not [trumpet fanfare] The Righteous Candidate.

Meanwhile, we had, and still have, all sorts of Far Left Crazy moonbats claiming to be Christians.

Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians?

President Trump turned out better than I dared to hope, and I can’t wait to vote for him again. But why do leftids say they’re Christians? Does anybody still believe them? Abortion, transgender, homosexuality, fomenting racial strife, in bed with atheism and Islam–how do they get away with it?

Just as Khrushchev once predicted, communism will bury us–if we don’t bury it first. And burying communism means burying the Democrat Party.

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  1. They can do more damage from within. Liars lie. They get away with it because they cover for each other the horrible, nasty crimes just about every one of them is guilty of, and the rest of us don’t even try to crack the cabal. And when those many investigative journalists and/or publishers expose them for all their evil, all they get is silence from the people and loud threats from those they expose. It goes nowhere. HOWEVER, i’m seeing a change in the air; the movement of dead leftid souls flying around with nowhere to land.

    1. “Dead leftid souls flying around with nowhere to land”–you sound like Dante. (That’s a compliment.)

      One of the things I loved about Cardinal Raymond Burke was that he **was not** buying all this hogwash, not for a minute–and refused to allow Kerry and Pelosi to take communion in any church under his jurisdiction. Somehow he got summoned to Rome and out of their hair. Makes you wonder…

    2. Thanks – it’s mine. The Vatican is extremely powerful and wealthy – so how did the global cabal get to them? Why did the cardinals accept such a manchurian candidate chosen by the global cabal? Wait – we were powerful and extremely wealthy yet we got obama. Makes me wonder…

    3. I assume you mean being swayed by islam. So many are, politically. Trying to understand why is like trying to understand a popular psychopathy for which there is no treatment.

  2. The bottom line, as I see it, is that claiming to be Christian is easy to do, but that doesn’t make one a believing Christian. For many, it’s just a mantle worn as a form of virtue signaling.

  3. Back in the 1970s, when Rosemary Reuther and her feminist gang were complaining about the “patriarchal” Catholic Church and doing their best to undermine its doctrine (with, alas, a certain amount of success), an interviewer asked her why she stayed in the Church if she thought it was all wrong about so many doctrines. She replied, “That’s where the mimeograph machines are.” Now I suppose she’d say “That’s where the wi-fi and postage-meter accounts are.” In other words, as Marlene has said, she could use the Church’s resources to undermine it from within.

    Besides, aligning themselves with Christianity gives a Christian aura to their evil, so that after a while people start thinking that maybe the evil really is kinda sorta okay with Christianity. Maybe the leftists can even convince themselves after a while. Think of the bumper stickers that say “Prayerfully Pro-Choice” (i.e., prayerfully in favor of killing unborn babies). And think of Nancy Pelosi claiming that her religion forbids her to hate anyone, even while she’s spewing poisonous venom about President Trump and all conservatives.

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