When Truth Is Bad for Business

Chinese troops march on Red Square- China.org.cn

These are not our friends.

You’ve got to read this column by Larry O’Connor on townhall.com.


Why has there been so little–almost none!–news reporting of Red China’s coverup of the coronavirus, aided and abetted in this deception by the World Health Organization? The Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus From China started out as a Chinese government biowarfare science project; and when it got out of hand and starting killing people, the Chicoms and the World Health Organization smothered the story–wasting several weeks that could have been used to contain the outbreak.

Why didn’t our big-time nooze organizations report that? O’Connor has the answer:

“Every single major broadcast and cable news outfit covering the COVID-19 pandemic has a direct and critical interesting in pleasing the communist regime in China… Angering the Chinese government is just bad for business for these companies.”

We all know the Chicoms tell Hollywood what they can or can’t have in their movies. We saw the National Basketball Assn. grovel to the communists when a team owner committed the hate speech crime of sympathizing with the Hong Kong protesters, last year. We’ve seen how the Chicoms have wormed their way into our colleges and universities, buying professors and administrators to help them keep their propaganda packaged as “education.” I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they were funneling money to the teachers’ unions, too.

They are very, very good at subverting and undermining the competition–in this case, the United States.

Our fake nooze will side with communist China and against our own country. So will everybody else who’s taking money from China. How many members of our Congress have they bought? How many deep-staters are on their payroll?

We have sleepwalked into a very dangerous period in our country’s history.

It’s time to wake up and start looking for the exit.


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