Late Again!

A sleeping quokka in the Rottnest Island settlement - ABC News ...

Here’s Byron the Quokka copping a few Z’s in the middle of nowhere. Wish I could! Anyway, he wants to remind you that we’ve got a comment contest going, our target is 60,000 comments, we’ve got 58,812, so that leaves 1,118 to go before some lucky commenter wins an autographed copy of His Mercy Endureth Forever (Bell Mountain No. 12).

Meanwhile, I’m over an hour behind schedule. Mysteriously, my car started yesterday morning so I could drive it to the garage instead of waiting for a tow. It turns out I need a new starter motor–another $400 up the spout.

We succeeded in our grocery shopping today, but it took twice as long because we had to go to three different stores and I’m the only one who can go inside. I’ve got a lot of blogging left to do and will have to hustle to get it done.

So let’s get started.

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