Liberalism at Work: Banning Church Services

Justice Department Takes Church's Side in 1st Amendment Suit

Mendocino County, California–Soviet life, American-style–has banned  churches from “singing while recording online worship services, unless the individuals sang from home” ( The… “order”… was issued on Good Friday.

(Of course they could always use pre-recorded hymns for the service. But that’s not the point.)

Do you remember voting for any little tinhorn tyrant to give us “orders”? I don’t. I do remember “public servants” before they became the public’s masters. Whose idea was that, anyway?

Leftids always want to silence churches, and now the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus From China has given them the excuse they’ve been looking for. Churchgoers in Mississippi were fined $500 each for attending outdoor worship, in their cars, with the service on the radio. In Louisville a federal judge had to prohibit the city’s church ban.

To me it looks like we now have more to fear from our own governments, especially at the state and local level, than we have from any disease.

Look for Democrats to spin the crisis out for as long as they can, and try to hold the nation hostage until they get mail-in voting or some other vast concession that will murder our republic.

3 comments on “Liberalism at Work: Banning Church Services

  1. This is going further than I ever could have imagined. I cannot imagine this situation ending well, at this point. At the very least, there will be profound economic implications. One upside is that this could end, or at least reduce tyranny in China. In the US, I’m proud to see that people are making their frustration with this known.

    The Governor of South Dakota refuses to issue a stay at home order for constitutional reasons. Finally, a politician that gets it!

  2. It seems this virus really shows a lot of government officials’ true colors with being biased against the Church and Christianity…

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