‘The Lesson of the Empty Tomb’

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Scanning the nooze this afternoon, trying to decide what stories I ought to mention on this blog, actually began to nauseate me. Is there any price the Democrats won’t make our country pay, if it gets them back into power? (Hint: I don’t think so. Do you?)

This new piece by Mark Rushdoony on the Chalcedon blog provided me with a valuable course correction.


One quote pretty much says it all: “It is easy to be concerned about the events that swirl around us rather than the larger picture that we serve a victorious lord.”

That’s the point of Easter. That’s the lesson of the empty tomb. Jesus Christ is risen. Jesus Christ is Lord. And nothing sinful men can do can prevent His victory.

We have the honor to serve Him until He establishes His throne upon the earth.

12 comments on “‘The Lesson of the Empty Tomb’

  1. Doesn’t appear that way. Even to destroying the country, they demand power at any price.

  2. It’s difficult.
    “I asked God why are you taking me through troubled water?” He replied “Because your enemies can’t swim.”

  3. Wow, I’m glad to be back. Computers, their programs, all that stuff can be so frustrating at times. All this convenience sometimes becomes everything but convenient.

  4. Mark Rushdoony is very consistent in always looking on the positive side of things with the big picture in mind (The Great Commission). Isn’t it interesting how when Republicans shut down the government the MSM howls in agony, but when the pandemic shuts down the country they cheer it on – keep it closed until there are no more cases of infection. With a news media like we have, who needs enemies?

  5. Doesn’t it remind us of the way things were in nazi Germany- all the
    propaganda and truth be hanged.

    1. Our collidges are full of fat-head professors who teach that there’s no such thing as objective truth. There’s only “your truth” and “my truth.” But somehow there’s always wins.

    2. In some ways it is a bullet proof system. Deny objective truth an no amount of evidence or reasoning to the contrary will ever convince them. Once they go down that rabbit hole it’s hard to come back.

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