Cats & Mirrors: The Vendetta


I hope I didn’t waste a great movie title on a little 3-minute video.

Again we see this: cats just don’t get mirrors. Neither do parakeets or lizards, so cats shouldn’t be overly ashamed. Some of them do take their reflections much too seriously, though.

Here’s one thing I’ve never seen: a cat, a parakeet, or a chameleon trying to make friends with his reflection. Somehow seeing it just doesn’t generate a friendly feeling.

CORRECTION: I’m told a lot of parakeets enjoy seeing their reflections and it’s often a good idea to put a little mirror in the birdcage. Live and learn.

6 comments on “Cats & Mirrors: The Vendetta

  1. It does seem strange, that the image of a cat generates such hostility,
    while watching an animal show on TV just sparks interest without

    1. My cat does this at least once a day. She’ll see me walking towards her and put on the full display, for my benefit. I think it’s just we way of having fun.

    2. I had a little wall lizard who used to give me the full threat display… before she accepted the food from my fingers.

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