Hear’s how We wil Beet The Vyras!!

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We has helded a Emergintsy Meating tooday of our Stoodint ((see! i rememmber how to spel it!!)) Soviet to maik Up “new” Roules for fiting The Corny Vyrus hear at Collidge!!! Hear “are” sumb of our Smartist New roules!!!

*Masques yiu Must ware themb “at” al Tymes,, evin wen yor’e Eeting!!!!! No moar taiking “the” masques off Ever!!!!!!!!!!

*Frumb nhow On yiu has got to “stay” at Leests Siks Feeet Aprat wile hasing Sex!!!

*No moar Tawking alloud,, Unlest yiu are tawking aboot Socile Jutstus!!

*Yiu Cant “go” no-ware Annymoar!!!!

*Manditorry Play-Doh it is man-daited!!

*Frumb nhow On yiu has to ware At Leest twoo (2!) Shurts and threee (3!) shoos at Al Tymes!!!

Thare “are” “a” Lot moar of themb but i has fourgot waht thay “are”!!! My pen it runned oaut of Inc wile i was “trying” to rite themb daown and i cuddnt rite “a” Noat to no boddy to borro thare Pen!!!!

Theeze hear Meshures thay wil Keeep us Saife fromb the Vyris!!!!!!!!!!

8 comments on “Hear’s how We wil Beet The Vyras!!

  1. What? They’re using pens at Joe’s school? Have computers, tablets, and phones been banned? Is that because they were susceptible to viruses? 🙂

  2. Ow that is a conundrum, if you run out of ink and can’t speak, how can’t write a note asking for a new pen. Somehow, I think Joe will get through this, but it could be painful.

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