Now It’s Really Getting to Me

Waking Up Screaming: Find IT Support in Albuquerque

I do not want current events worming their way into my dreams. It is not cool, it is not entertaining, it is not cute, it is not funny, to be treated like some kind of livestock because the Chicoms dropped a brand-new fatal disease onto the world.

The other night I fell asleep after supper and dreamed–oh, the horror!–that I went into a store and found a few bottles of alcohol on the shelf. Can you believe I wasted good dreaming time on that? I woke up with the willies.

This is not the Soviet Union, circa 1975. We do not expect supermarket shortages. We Americans worked hard for our prosperity, and to have it torpedoed by a bunch of communist no-hopers on the other side of the world is just too much. The time has come to do away with communism. It has no business in this century.

I should not have to dream about trying to buy alcohol.

14 comments on “Now It’s Really Getting to Me

  1. Weird how that happens. I hate it when I have these crazy dreams, but I guess the mind has a way of bringing up things to irritate us at times.

  2. Sometimes, when I want something badly enough, I’ll dream about getting it. But I always wake up angry at the reality of not having it. So sorry about the alcohol – I can relate. DOWN WITH COMMUNISM!!!

    1. “The party’s over. Let’s call it a day…tra la la” – in our lifetime?

    2. If we could be as good as they are bad…we could put out the flames AND the fire. But alas…

    1. I can’t think of any productive way to respond when the goods just aren’t on the shelves. Maybe if a few hoarders got thrown to the alligators…?

    2. Like the biggest hoarder – AMAZON. If we could even get the alligators hungry enough to chomp on Bezos – lol

    1. Or drink could drive you to such dreams! 🙂

      Just joshing. Actually, I find myself dreaming about the lockdown myself too often, and my drinking is confined to water, coffee, and orange juice — with an occasional nip of lemonade.

  3. Years after working for the Whirlpool Corp. I still have dreams I am there (or are they nightmares 🙂 ). Now in most my dreams I am either a student at school or I am teaching in a school.

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