Can I Have a Day Off?

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My brain is tired. I have to go grocery shopping. Oh, joy. Squirrels ate the wires in Patty’s car… ka-ching, ka-ching.

I would very much like to rest all afternoon. I wonder if I can do it without knocking the bottom out of my viewership. There are thousands of posts in the archive for readers to enjoy. And I can always come back later for a cat video.

But for some reason I’m really beat today. For a while there it looked like this would be my first month with 12,000 views, but that has sort of faded into the sunset.

But first, off again for groceries, at two or three different stores… oh, fap.

11 comments on “Can I Have a Day Off?

  1. Don’t you worry about taking time off. You have been so faithful and on top of everything. It would really be unreasonable to expect you to struggle with all this when you are not feeling tip top and with all the aggravations to contend with. I have been having physical issues myself and I understand just how harrowing it can be. Rest all you can, above all, do not worry.
    I will pray.

  2. Rest and recoup. Be as kind to yourself as you are to us.

    (But something tells me you won’t be able to stay away.) 😉

  3. Dear Lee,
    Rest is part of God’s plan, after all.
    Enjoy it, and don’t feel guilty.
    Bless you for all you do.

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