Pelosi: ‘Let ‘Em Eat… Gourmet Ice Cream’

While everyday Americans wonder if they’ll still have roofs over their heads when the economy gets going again, if it ever gets going, here’s Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi bragging about her gourmet ice cream in her $24,000 freezer. Must be nice.

Just looking at the glimpse she gives us of the contents of her freezer, Talenti Gelato/Ice Cream is pricey, but not out of range. I buy it now and then. But Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream–that’s $12 a pint, according to their online store.

Anyway, look at the happy time she’s having while the rest of us worry about making it to the Fourth of July. As a member of Congress, of course, Nancy’s salary and benefits are guaranteed. As a corruptocrat, she’s already as rich as Croesus. I guess I’d be grinnin’, too, if I were her.

A word to the wise: Socialism is like this all the time.

Put the Democrat Party out of business before it puts the kibosh on America.

7 comments on “Pelosi: ‘Let ‘Em Eat… Gourmet Ice Cream’

  1. We’ve known for a long time that most politicians — not just Democrats but even a lot of establishment Republicans — have little but contempt for ordinary people, otherwise known as their constituents. It just seems that lately the politicians’ hubris has grown so strong that they don’t even try to hide the contempt any more. They’re all drunk with power.

  2. These accounts can’t help but bring to mind: Psalm 62:10 Ordinary folks are merely a breath (but wait) and important people are a SHAM. If you lay them on a balance scale, they go up, both together are less than nothing.
    There! so much for their imagined superiority.

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