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I’m still kind of tired, but at least I managed to crank out my Newswithviews column today–along with another fruitless quest for rubbing alcohol, drop off the laundry, and stock up on Marshmallow Peeps as long as I was at the store. Extra trip to the supermarket, too. I think I know why I feel tired.

I’m beginning to wonder why it’s taking so long to get His Mercy Endureth Forever printed. (Note to Watchman: I haven’t forgotten that I owe you a copy.) I hope the printer’s not locked down.

My wife and some of my friends are getting worried that maybe President Trump won’t get re-elected, heaven forbid. Good: worry away. Be afraid of what’ll happen if the voters go mad and hand the country over to Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. If that doesn’t scare you–well, it should. But let the worry, let the fear, motivate us. Do your bit to save America from those who would destroy it by turning into God knows what. If each of us can win over just one more vote for Trump, that’s something. I’m worried enough to work hard, even when it tires me.

One more post. Let’s see if I can turn out one more post today.

7 comments on “Back to Work

  1. More and more, I’m getting the feeling that the Dems are setting up Biden to fail — to show his incapacitation that will lead to a brokered convention, at which Andrew Cuomo will be nominated in a not-very-surprising bait-and-switch. Cuomo’s constant NY “briefings” sound more and more like campaign speeches. He’s being groomed for the top slot. I’m convinced of it. And he’s much more dangerous than Biden.

    1. There are two torpedoes waiting to sink the SS Cuomo. 1) His assertion that “America was never that great.” I’d broadcast that video every night, if I were running the GOP. 2) His administration ordered patients sick with the coronavirus BACK TO THEIR NURSING HOMES (!), where they brought about thousands of deaths. Can you imagine the fuss if Trump had done that?

      Those should be enough to send him to the bottom.

    2. The problem is that the lamestream media will never report any of that — in fact, will bury it or even deny it — and the alternative media doesn’t have enough exposure to the general public.

      I was just talking to a cousin on the phone last night, and he thinks Cuomo is the cat’s meow: “He uses logic and facts,” said this cousin; “and he gets things done.” Even when I reminded my cousin about Cuomo’s telling someone that with 26.5 million people newly unemployed, “You can get a job. Get a job as an essential worker,” as though anyone can do this in the middle of 20% unemployment, my cousin brushed it away with, “Oh, you can’t take just one thing.” He’d probably respond the same way to each of your torpedoes — if he even accepted them as true, or if he even listened. There’s a lot of Kool-Aid being poured out and consumed these days.

    3. Does he make the trains run on time, too?

      I know we’ve got our work cut out for us. We can only keep trying, and pray that God will bless our efforts.

  2. The future is in God’s hands. He raised up Trump to be President so it doesn’t make any sense to me He would have him lose in 2020. Donald Trump has been a faithful servant to honor and protect our Constitution, and to demonstrate love for one’s country. The Dems are the ones who are anti-America and full of hate. Above all else, they love the idea of mothers killing their unborn babies. A pox upon their house.

  3. Twice in my life, I’ve seen the US hanging by a thread but then an unlikely candidate was elected and turned things around. I won’t second guess God, but I place my ultimate trust in Him.

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