Hyper Hamsters

How do hamsters do this? My mice enjoyed their exercise wheel, but never went anywhere near that fast. You’d think that after a while the hamster would realize what would happen if he pushed the wheel too hard, and he’d slow down. But you would be hopelessly wrong.

The hamster’s legs, as he does this, are only a blur. Consider: If a human being were running so fast that his legs could only be filmed as a blur… how fast would he be going?

It’s something to think about if you can’t get to sleep.

3 comments on “Hyper Hamsters

  1. It just boggles my mind to see something like this. Even our Aussie dog, when she runs down the fence line chasing my son’s car out and back in
    is something to see. I can’t help thinking, if only I had half that energy, I could whip the world, but I do well to walk slowly, and with care. sigh…

  2. That is really amazing. Imagine how fast they are coordinating their movements. They say that the fastest things humans do is playing music. If you watch a really good piano player, there is a lot happening and happening quickly, but I’ve never seen a piano player so fast that their fingers were a blur. So these tiny rodents are capable of moving faster than Van Cliburn. That’s impressive, and they don’t even have to practice scales all day long in order to do it. 🙂

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