It Ain’t Nascar, but It’s Furry

Somehow whenever I see a hamster racing along behind the wheel of a sports car, it makes me feel there’s life in this old world yet. Even if the car is radio-controlled.

Dogs and cats consent to ride these vehicles. I wonder why they don’t just jump off. Maybe they enjoy it. I can’t imagine mice not jumping off, and I don’t know about rabbits.

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  1. I can only imagine that they enjoy the sensations of riding in a vehicle. I’ve loved riding in cars since I was very young, So, I would imagine that some animals love the sensation of motion. It’s fun to move in a manner that is so smooth and to brace subtly for every corner.

    Why is riding in a sports car more fun than riding in a mid sized sedan? Same difference. The more immediate the sensation the more we enjoy it. An airliner gets you there faster, but taking a trip in a light airplane is a blast, especially if you are at a low enough altitude that you have more sense of motion and can easily see the details on the ground.

    Animals are a lot like us, in many ways. We’ve all see a dog enjoying sticking its head out a car window. We’ve seen videos of animals on sleds, skateboards and even surfboards. I’ve never stuck my head out of a car window, but having the top down in a very small car, driving at 75 MPH on a pleasant day is a pretty good substitute. I could imagine a dog finding that pretty enjoyable, as well.

    Then there are the cats that hitch rides on Roomba vacuum cleaners. They seem to really enjoy that. Maybe they see people driving cars and feel that this is as close as a cat can get. I have had cats that seemed OK with riding in cars. Some hate it, but many do pretty well, once they get used to the idea.

    1. Mine is ok with it. She’d be fine with not doing it, but once she settles in, she’s actually a pretty good passenger. She is picky about the A/C though. She doesn’t care for a hot interior.

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