A Good Day, After All

The Golden Treasury of Natural History by Bertha Morris Parker ...

I’m running late today, but I’ve just got to tell you–we have alcohol! Calloo, callay, O frabjous day! Our neighbor, Josh, gave us a bottle. I love you, man!

And then my birthday present showed up a week early–The Golden Treasury of Natural History, by Bertha Morris Parker. O, wonderful!

This was my favorite book, as a boy. As I was very young, I loved some of its pictures so much (especially the dinosaurs) that I cut them out of the book for use as toys. *Sigh* I won’t do that again! I’ve just spent a whole hour going through it, page by page, to revisit all those pictures that I loved so much and remember so well. Ah, that glorious illustration of the plesiosaur (see above)! Long live Bertha Morris Parker–she ignited my mind.

And now I’ve got to put away the computer so we can watch a nice relaxing mystery or horror movie.

7 comments on “A Good Day, After All

  1. Wow, alcohol and dinosaurs on the same day! Calloo callay indeed. And even mazel tov!

  2. “Happy Days Are Here Again.” Boy did you ever deserve this medicine. We all thank Josh!

    1. He’s a very good neighbor–never fails to notice if something doesn’t seem quite right. No, he’s not a busybody: just a keen observer who’s always ready to help.

  3. Getting early birthday presents is great because when the actual day comes around you might even get more presents. Blessings to your good neighbor. Knowing this is a good way to end my time on the computer for today. I think my wife wants to watch “The Scorpion King” tonight – she likes that Dwayne Johnson.

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