Funky Chickens

I don’t know quite how to explain this, but something about the way chickens run always delights me when I see it. And we also have roosters who usurp cats’ dinners. I don’t suppose there are many shy roosters.

I’ve heard domestic chickens can’t fly in any meaningful sense of the word. Some of you have or had had chickens. Did any of them ever fly away?

8 comments on “Funky Chickens

    1. We live on 2 acres in the country so they freely roam that. Some fly over what fencing we have, but most do not. They do not wander far and generally free range on our 2 acres. Some people do clip wings, though, if they have a confined area. We are blessed to not have to.

    2. It’s nice that they’re homebodies.
      My grandpa used to have chickens. For dinner. My mother had some lurid tales about that. I couldn’t possibly eat them if I’d raised them.

    3. We’ve only put a couple of roosters in the freezer. I can shut off my emotions easier than Hubs can. Like you, he hasn’t the heart to eat them, otherwise I’d never buy chicken again. 😘

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