Joshua & Jeremy: ‘Yesterday, Today, Forever’

Enjoy this bonus hymn by our own esteemed colleagues and dear friends, Joshua and Jeremy: Yesterday, Today, Forever (Jesus is the Same). I’m sure this is the first time I’ve heard them sing, so let’s cheer them on and give them confidence. Huzzah!

19 comments on “Joshua & Jeremy: ‘Yesterday, Today, Forever’

  1. Dear Joshua and Jeremy,

    Thank you for your music. You both have very nice voices. I hope you will continue to sing together.
    It is also refreshing to see brothers working together so smoothly. It looks as though there must be much love in your family.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, Mr. Duigon! 😄😄
    Thank you, Mr. Duigon and Lydia, for suggesting us to sing!

  3. Always a joy to hear from Joshua & Jeremy. I am responsible for the message on our church marquis. This week I chose “Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday, Today, & Forever.” I love synchronizations.

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