‘How Can I Keep From Singing?’ (J&J)

Something about the way our dear friends Joshua and Jeremy play this hymn really hits home for me (a dreadfully constructed sentence, but you know what I mean)–How Can I Keep from Singing? Really nice work, brothers!

‘Sing We Now of Christmas’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

I know, I know I’m off to a late start and I’m still tired from yesterday (more on that later)–but this hymn, Sing We Now of Christmas, is so beautiful, such a haunting melody, that I just can’t pass it up. Performed by our dear friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

This is one of my favorite hymns–going all the way back to Sunday school, and not knowing exactly what “sheaves” were–and I admit I post it fairly often. Why not?

This is a brand-new video by our friends Joshua and Jeremy. And now this hymn will be in my mind all day… but it’ll be good company.

‘Praise My Soul the King of Heaven’

We have a new hymn from our friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy–Praise My Soul the King of Heaven, written by Henry Lyte, 1834.

Now, if we could just get the Swanson Brothers to sing, too… maybe if they heard us applauding…

Bonus Hymn, ‘Jesus Shall Reign’

Welcome to nooze-free Saturday (if I can manage it).

Here’s a brand-new video by our friends and esteemed colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy: Jesus Shall Reign. Jeremy is now taller than Joshua. Time flies.

But God’s word never flies away with it.

‘Nothing But the Blood of Jesus’

We have another video from our friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy Swanson–Nothing But the Blood of Jesus. It’s a good old-fashioned 19th century hymn which I had never heard before–really, just beautiful. Thank you, brothers.

‘Give Me Oil In My Lamp’

We have another instrumental hymn from Joshua and Jeremy–Give Me Oil in My Lamp. I keep thinking that maybe if we applaud them enough, the Swanson Brothers will sing. Meanwhile, they glorify God with their music.

J & J, ‘What Wondrous Love Is This’

Before we gird up our loins for more nooze, we have an instrumental by our dear friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy Swanson–What Wondrous Love Is This. I’ve never heard this hymn before; it just goes to show we’ll never run out of them.

‘Blessed Assurance’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

Our dear friends and colleagues Joshua and Jeremy produced this video for Father’s Day–a classic hymn by Fanny Crosby, Blessed Assurance.

When we first posted these videos, Jeremy was this little guy, Joshua’s little brother. Now he’s the big guy. Seems like only yesterday, doesn’t it?

‘Praise to the Lord, the Almighty’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

It’s always a pleasure to post a hymn video by our friends and colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy Swanson. I’m glad to hear they’re sometimes singing the lyrics (don’t be shy, guys).

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty–performed by Joshua & Jeremy.