Busy, Busy, Busy!

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It’s going to look like I’m not doing much today, because I don’t see how I’ll have time for normal blogging.

Now that we’re living the Virus Lifestyle–brought to you by the Chinese Communist Party: don’t forget to mention them in your imprecatory prayers–it takes about quadruple the normal amount of time just to collect a week’s supply of normal and essential goods for our little household.

I’ve also got a rush-rush assignment to do for Chalcedon, and I can’t let that slip through the cracks!

And a Newswithviews column (good luck with that, dude)…

And now, off to the supermarket–’cause I’ve gotta get back by noon to do an interview.

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  1. Take Jesus with you, I hear He can teleport. Worth a shot, I mean, worked for Peter, sort of. Watch out for the ‘Rona!

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