And Now It’s ‘Murder Hornets’

Just in case you’ve started to get comfy with the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus From China, our free and independent nooze media have another scare in store for you: “murder hornets.”

This is another gift of globalism. See, the problem with making it All One World and wiping out boundaries, etc., is that bad stuff from one part of the world can so easily spill into other parts. So now we’ve got these giant Asian hornets, 2.5 inches long, with venom seven times more powerful than a bee’s, able to sting as many times as it pleases, and with the ability to kill a human being if it can sting you often enough.

But what these bad guy bugs are really infamous for is invading honeybee hives and killing all the bees. Our honeybees have enough problems just now: they don’t need imported predators.

So far the murder hornets have been found in Washington state, near the Canadian border. They probably got there via a container ship from Asia. As insects, of course, they have the ability to reproduce really fast: so they’ve got to be hunted down and wiped out in a hurry.

And we have headlines like “They’re Coming For You!” and “Monster Hornet Invasion,” which are not at all helpful to anyone except for noozies in search of ratings. If you mention that they came here from Asia, that makes you a Racist. The Correct Thing to Say is “Donald Trump bred them in his cellar!” (My sister clued me in to that. Hat tip to Alice.)

Question: What might be the effect upon your mental health, watching nooze all day? I fear we’re going to wind up with a lot of panicked terrified crazy people.  And something tells me that’s just the way the Democrats want us.

6 comments on “And Now It’s ‘Murder Hornets’

  1. From Asia. I think there may be a superhighway from Asia straight into the USA that sends all these harmful things from them to us. Of course, there may be a perfectly good reason for this – if I believed in coincidences.

  2. What is really neat is the way the honeybees with heat up the hive as their way of killing the hornet. The Left can not operate without one crisis after the other that they only can solve (which in reality only causes a worst crisis that they can again exploit).

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