The Total Failure of Godlessness

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And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell; and great was the fall of it.  (Matthew 7:27)

Take a good look at this week’s images that accompany the news.

What we are seeing, worldwide, is the total abject failure of Godless humanism. We go without God, we cast ourselves off from His law, and this is what we get.

Our 21st century globalist house is built upon the sands of humanism, and now it’s being washed away. We couldn’t manage without God, after all. No, we can’t balance coercion and lawlessness and have it result in an earthly paradise. While we were dabbling in transgender lunacy, the storm was headed our way; but we didn’t want to hear it.

Turns out we weren’t so smart, after all.

Have We Learned Anything at All?

The Ethics of Globalism, Nationalism, and Patriotism – Brewminate

One of my greatest fears concerning the coronavirus crisis is that we, as a nation, won’t learn a blessed thing from the experience. I fear we’ll return to our follies, picking up right where we left off. God forbid.

Are we so stupid, so wooden-headed, as to go straight back to globalism, out-sourcing our manufacturing, trusting China, trusting the United Nations, and here at home inventing new “genders,” hyper-urbanization (a la Agenda 21), Drag Queen Story Hour, playing footsie with socialism, and pushing such wicked, republic-destroying follies as vote-by-mail, prosecuting Climate Change denial, and allowing the Deep State to run amok? I might say more, but this list is long enough already.

Have we missed the point of so many gaudy displays of tyrannical overreach by mayors and governors and city councils, have we failed to understand that now that they’ve had a taste of it, they’ll be hungry for more? They keep talking about “a new normal.” God defend us from whatever they conceive as “normal”!

I pray in Jesus’ name that America–and other countries, too–will come out of this trial better and wiser than we were, going in. Amen.

‘Wall Street Journal Says “Erase America”‘ (2012)

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God protect us from fools puffed up with a conviction of their own virtue.

We forget it goes that far back: eight years ago, wicked fools were yammering for “open borders.”

Wall Street Journal Says ‘Erase America’

We can only hope and pray that the coronavirus crisis has permanently put an end to this inane idea–if it has enough depth to be an idea, even a toweringly bad one.

Mexico will do better, and our mutual border will be easier to enforce, if we take some of our industry out of Red China and relocate it in Mexico (minus the critical industries that must be brought back home). Jobs for Mexico, just desserts for China.

And for the Wall Street Journal editorial board:

And Now It’s ‘Murder Hornets’

Just in case you’ve started to get comfy with the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus From China, our free and independent nooze media have another scare in store for you: “murder hornets.”

This is another gift of globalism. See, the problem with making it All One World and wiping out boundaries, etc., is that bad stuff from one part of the world can so easily spill into other parts. So now we’ve got these giant Asian hornets, 2.5 inches long, with venom seven times more powerful than a bee’s, able to sting as many times as it pleases, and with the ability to kill a human being if it can sting you often enough.

But what these bad guy bugs are really infamous for is invading honeybee hives and killing all the bees. Our honeybees have enough problems just now: they don’t need imported predators.

So far the murder hornets have been found in Washington state, near the Canadian border. They probably got there via a container ship from Asia. As insects, of course, they have the ability to reproduce really fast: so they’ve got to be hunted down and wiped out in a hurry.

And we have headlines like “They’re Coming For You!” and “Monster Hornet Invasion,” which are not at all helpful to anyone except for noozies in search of ratings. If you mention that they came here from Asia, that makes you a Racist. The Correct Thing to Say is “Donald Trump bred them in his cellar!” (My sister clued me in to that. Hat tip to Alice.)

Question: What might be the effect upon your mental health, watching nooze all day? I fear we’re going to wind up with a lot of panicked terrified crazy people.  And something tells me that’s just the way the Democrats want us.

My Newswithviews Column, April 30 (‘The Year Civilization Collapsed: 1177 B.C.’)

Grey Concrete Structure

This theme has been camped out in my head, lately.

The Year Civilization Collapsed: 1177 B.C.

Has our all-consuming coronavirus scare finally taught us how vulnerable, how fragile, how uncertain our current global civilization is? And how truly freakin’ stupid are The Smartest People In The World?

If we hadn’t listened to them, we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

The poor devils in the Late Bronze Age couldn’t avoid what happened to them.

What’s our excuse?


They’ll Be as Gods, All Right

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(Thanks to my wife, Patty, and my editor, Susan, for a most stimulating conversation this morning.)

When the Emperor Caligula declared himself a god, he scared the living dickens out of all Rome for a while, until they’d had enough of it, and killed him.

But that was then, and this is now. Our age is infested with Caligulas, all professing to be gods. Not being as honestly daft as Caligula was, they use euphemisms. Experts. Scientists. Officials Who Listen To The Science. Their creed is captured in The Humanist Manifesto II: “Using technology wisely…” we can do jolly well anything. There ain’t no God, sweet-cheeks–but you’ve got us (!) to micromanage your world for you, and that’s better than Old Whatsisname!

Oh, they want their global government so bad, they can damned near taste it! They thought they had it, practically in the palm of their hands, one more election, one more little tiny bridge to cross–and then those racist-biggit-whitesupremacist-bitterclinger deplorables went and ruined the whole freakin’ thing by electing Donald Trump instead of the globalist gal, Hillary Clinton. Those wretched American people! They stole the election!

And then along comes the Gosh-I-Don’t-Know-Where-That-Came-From Virus (Dem-speak for the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus from China), and that’s a challenge, don’t you know. If you’re gonna sit in God’s chair, you gotta meet God’s challenges.

Problem: Our anti-Christian ruling class, our globalist citizen-of-the-world ruling class, doesn’t much like us–well, all right: they hate us–and doesn’t much care if millions of us die (human sacrifices to Mother Gaea); still, they’ve got to put on a show. They’ve got to Do Something. So they’ll shut down our economy and try to keep it shut down until there’s no more disease.

Why didn’t they ever do this before, when there was a big pandemic raging? Why didn’t they do it in 1918?

Because, my wife said, because now they can! Now they’ve got the technology. Even more importantly, says I, they’ve got the ideology. It took a hundred years for the hubris to grow to this colossal size. A hundred years of rejecting God our Maker and our Judge. And now, Susan put in, they’ve got the religion for it. And it’s no religion you’re going to find in the Bible.

Make no mistake about it. Our globalist ruling class means not to serve us but to rule us, and to rule us hard, with a rod of iron. Once they get us down, they won’t let us up again.

We appeal to the God of the Book of Judges, who delivered Israel time and again from his enemies.

My Newswithviews Column, April 9 (‘Three Lessons that Must Be Learned’)

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The most tragic thing of all would be if America were to emerge from the coronavirus scare without having learned anything from it.

Three Lessons That Must Be Learned

This column only begins to scratch the surface. There are lots of lessons here, all of them important. Socialism’s like this all the time–do we really want socialism? How badly do we need the transgender movement? Do we want to be governed, and told the “news” by, persons who fervently admire Red China and want us to be more like them? Do we let liberals get away with blatantly trying to make political capital out of this mess?

And just how badly do we want to keep the ruling class we’ve got?

What? Out of Food?

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Actually, if our supermarket was ever this crowded, I wouldn’t go.

The first nooze I heard this morning was, now they don’t want you going to the supermarket.

What are we supposed to do for food? In Venezuela they ate the animals in the zoo. In North Korea they ate the bark off trees. Mr. Socialism, grinning ear to ear, asks, “Are we there yet? Huh? Huh?”

We have very limited food storage space. So not only is it impossible for us to hoard groceries; we also would be ashamed to hog more than our share. (Yeah, yeah, don’t say it–we’re obviously crazy.) So we buy what we need. That’s how we wind up running out of stuff.

Well, off we go in search of food and other supplies. This has been imposed on us by Red China and its Western suck-ups and U.N. catamites. Those responsible must be made to pay for it.

But first we need groceries.