I Meant to Do My Work Today

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It was my plan, yesterday, to devote this day to writing that whopping big article for Chalcedon in a single sitting, to get it done and out of the way. That plan began to unravel while it was still Tuesday.

Thanks to The Great Quarantine and Lots And Lots Of Shortages, supplying the needs of this tiny little two-person household has become almost a full-time job. There’s almost never a day I don’t have to go to the store! And when you do go, they don’t have what you came for and you have to plug in a substitute and hope it isn’t too sub-par. ‘Cause if it is, buckaroo, you’ve wasted more of your money. And it’ll mean yet another trip to yet another store. Sort of like the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 70s. Socialism is like this all the time.

So that’s what I’ve been doing all morning. It has made me tired. Jacked up my blood pressure, too. Well, maybe tomorrow I can write that article. Maybe by then my head will have stopped pounding.

Maybe I can enjoy a cigar before it starts raining. It’s, like, triple dog-daring me to go out there and relax… Go ahead, c’mon–just try it!

Maybe I’d better hurry. See you later.

7 comments on “I Meant to Do My Work Today

  1. It is raining cats and dogs, the wind is gusting to 20mph to go along with it, so I am glad I do not have any shopping to do today. I don’t feel strong enough to do much of anything. Trying to read and pray.

  2. We’re not having a lot of shortages here any more, and I usually have to go to three different stores every week anyway, because each one carries things the others don’t. Still, I sympathize with your frustration — but at the same time, I cherish my grocery store outings these days, because they’re the only way I get to see and talk to other human beings face to face … or at least face to mask. (Sigh.)

  3. Our Walmart Supercenters finally put directions for one-way in the aisles but no one is paying any attention to them. I guess the store is just virtue signalling

  4. Consider my comment almost identical to Phoebe’s. But additionally, I bought a pack of cigarettes today and I don;t know why. Perhaps because I’ve been buy one of everything I don’t have and can’t decide whether i’m prepping or hoarding – lol. Other than that, I think i’m still the same person I was before the lockdown. I’m hoping you relaxed. I need to know that – lol.

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