‘No More Math for These Collidge Stoodints’ (2016)

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In 2016 math was too hard for, er, students at Wayne State, Detroit–so Educators replaced math with Diversity Studies.

No More Math for These Collidge Stoodints

“Diversity Studies? What’s Diversity Studies?”

It’s a joke, matey, and the joke’s on you! Even if you’re not paying tuition for a totally worthless diploma, eventually you’ll have to pay, along with all the rest of the country. Oh, yeah, America’s gonna pay for this. Tens of thousands of embittered, ignorant, unemployable ex-college students clogging up the economy and getting into trouble–yeah, we’ll pay for that.

We can always hope that at least a chunk of our higher education system won’t survive the Chinese Death Virus crisis. Hope and pray.

4 comments on “‘No More Math for These Collidge Stoodints’ (2016)

  1. Well, if the stoodints learned any math, they’d understand how long it will take them to pay off their student loans, especially when they somehow can’t get that high-paying job that everyone assured them a college degree would guarantee them.

  2. Closing public schools is a blessing in disguise. At least for those few children who have good parents. But then, would good parents send their kids to public school? Oh well, it serves the parents right anyway.

  3. I’ve seen what at least some of the schools are putting out in the way of people with technical skills, and I’m hardly impressed. I couldn’t imagine someone in my field that wasn’t strong in math, but it seems like the colleges are more interesting in being PC than in actually educating anyone.

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