Snow Puppies

May or not May, we had snow in our weather forecast for this weekend. Of course, it never materialized: that was just to panic people. But it is awfully cold.

Anyhow, here are some puppies enjoying the snow that would’ve fallen here if the weather service knew what they were talking about.

3 comments on “Snow Puppies

  1. young animals seem to be able to make a game of anything. I wish cleaning the kitchen provided this much fun.

    1. It’s going on 8:30 p.m. out here and the bleeding as finally stopped. Thank you, Jesus. I should be OK tomorrow: please pray for that.

  2. I certainly will continue praying. I am so glad to hear things are improving. Our God is so faithful, and He honors corporate prayer. Blessings on you for complete healing and a bright tomorrow.

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