‘NYC: 31 Genders (and No Brains)’ (2018)

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This was what New York City was preoccupied with, before the coronavirus–forcing people to recognize BS fake “genders” that some ninny made up.

NYC: 31 Genders (and No Brains)

Really–when the crisis is over, are we going to go right back to this? Pick it up where we left off? “Well, let’s see, now… today’s new pronoun is fhtaagn–and you’d better use it if you know what’s good for you!”

Heaven forbid.

4 comments on “‘NYC: 31 Genders (and No Brains)’ (2018)

  1. Great Scott, I have no time for this nonsense. There are enough urgent, and important issues to consider such as “end time” plagues and signs.
    Swarms of locusts in Africa, erupting volcanos, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, pestilences, and deception; gender nonsense– phooey.
    Let the noodle heads worry about that.

  2. I suppose the silver lining with this virus is Leftists haven’t had the opportunity to push their weird gender theories or have drag queen story time hour.

  3. I refuse to use their gender-bender pronouns. Fortunately, I am retired so I don’t have to worry about my career being ruined by the PC police. I do have to watch my p’s and q’s when subbing – but I am not going to call he “She” or vice versa, or I will quit. Who needs more insanity in a world already insane in their rebellion against God?

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