More Computer Hell

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Yesterday our whole Google search thingy went totally haywire: the search engine doesn’t search, it just takes you automatically to the last site you visited. I’ve found a way around this, but it’s very tiresome.

We also wound up with light-blue text on a grey background, just about impossible to read, but thankfully that got fixed by Jill at Chalcedon HQ.

Today’s cockup is, I can’t share my posts on my wife’s Facebook page as I’ve been doing every day for years. Every time I try, I just get this inscrutable error message, “301 Moved Permanently.” That’s what shows up on Facebook. Note: if it occurs to you to click it anyway, the post will appear and you can read it. But I’m sure I’d never think of that.

The conclusion of the WordPress support guy: Maybe if I wait a few days, the problem will just… go away.

I know computer failures are pretty small potatoes compared to getting sick (although we’ve been having our share of that around here lately!); but for me it’s a matter of being unable to do my work because my tools won’t function. Plus the frustration of being completely unable to solve the stupid thing.

Anyone out there know what a “301” is, and how to fix it? There are articles about that online, but they’re so full of computer lingo that I get lost before I’ve finished reading the opening sentence. Something in plain English would be nice.


9 comments on “More Computer Hell

  1. We are being messed with. Your articles/ posts now appear in the wrong segment of the inbox, and when I try to post a reply, it acts strangely. Instead of just posting, a little whirling wheel appears next to it and goofs around before posting. I don’t think all of them post at all. Something squirrely going on here.

  2. Yes, I’m sure it does, but why now and never before? New – always something new.

    1. I’m still using Windows 7. I know, I know, we’re **supposed to use 10. But I adapt poorly to change, and hardly at all to changes in technology.

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