China Demands More Appeasement

China Tells the NBA and Houston Rockets What to Do Now

Does China own this game?

Remember, six months ago, the pro-freedom protests in Hong Kong–and how furious the Red China government got when a private citizen here in America tweeted his support for the protesters?

Well, they’re still mad.

They’re mad at the National Basketball Assn. for failing to punish Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morley for saying he stood with the Hong Kong protesters ( At the time, the communist regime cut off all NBA television coverage, blocked NBA merchandise, and refused to be mollified when all sorts of NBA executives and stars got down on their bellies and groveled to them.

The Chinese government’s house newspaper, “The Global Times,” has suggested that normal relations between China and the NBA could be restored… if Mr. Morley were “properly handled.” That’s Red Chinese for “put to death.” They did demand that the GM be fired, but the NBA commissioner said no. It would’ve made for a nice lawsuit if he’d said yes.

Big star LeBron James has been licking the Chicoms’ boots, big-time, expounding that Morley is just “not educated on the situation”–if he were “educated,” surely he would understand that Red China has an absolute right to crush Hong Kong–and that free speech is tricky because there are “a lot of negatives that come with it.” Blah-blah. Too bad we can’t banish him to China for a while.

It’s all because of all the money the NBA could make, doing business in China: there’s gold in them thar hills. And dazzled by the prospect of getting even richer than they already are, they’ll sell out Hong Kong in a nanosecond. I think they’ll sell out anybody, including Uncle Sam.

Western greed, short-sightedness, and total lack of moral standards–these are the things that built Red China into a superpower. This is a monster we created.

Will China ever be free?

More to the point–can America stay free? For what price will we sell ourselves down the river?

But that’s just rhetoric. It’s our home-grown fat cats who are going to sell us. We won’t get anything out of it but tears.


5 comments on “China Demands More Appeasement

  1. That Chinese gold comes with gold-plated chains. When you take their money they own you. The worst thing the West has done is to empower China economically when they should have been economically isolated like Cuba. But I think people are waking up to the threat China poses.

  2. They are in no post it to be making demands. I’d tell them that if they want to watch basketball, pay the price. If they want to govern basketball, start their own league.

    1. I’m sure you’re busy now, but I’m hoping that later tonight you can help me with this–or at least explain it.

      Today all of a sudden I keep getting this error message–“301 Moved Permanently”–whenever I try to post anything on Patty’s Facebook page (which is where I always post stuff). There are articles online about how to fix a 301 error, but they’re all so full of jargon that I can’t make head nor tail of it.

      I’m also going to write a post about my current computer problems, in case there’s anyone out there who can help.

  3. Our governor has briefings every day now. Today he bragged on the new face mask he was given by a company in Little Rock that is making them. The company is owned by China.

    1. All that footsie business with China has to stop. The communist regime must be isolated and pushed into extinction. The Chinese people must be free.

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