Finally! We Have a Winner

Snap a selfie with the friendliest fauna the quokkas on rottnest ...

This rose is for Ina, who has posted Comment No. 60,000 and thereby won the comment contest. Congratulations!

As soon as we get our copies of His Mercy Endureth Forever, we’ll mail an autographed copy of it to Ina, all the way out there in Scotland. We have heard that there are no quokkas in Scotland. I saw Rob Roy on TV once, and there were no quokkas in it. I could hardly believe my eyes.

On behalf of Lee and Patty, I, Byron the Quokka, hereby award Ina her award.

And that takes care of comment contests for a while. Next stop, 65,000.

12 comments on “Finally! We Have a Winner

  1. Congratulations to you, Ina. Enjoy your prize.
    And, welcome back, unknowable. Computers have been giving several of us a bad time lately.

  2. Congratulations! Love reading Lee’s blog. It makes sense of the crazy news out there.

  3. You do a better job than almost anyone else. Of course, you don’t have much to work with, but what can you do.

  4. Yay, congratulations, Ina! All this and a rose from Byron as well. What a great prize!

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