Smart Iguana vs. Cat

My iguana had cat and dog friends. But this is a neighbor’s cat, and the iguana in this house can’t quite decide what to do. He could charge the cat–that’s sometimes an option for iguanas, and it can be quite scary–but it seems he’d rather not. Note he’s perfectly okay with the dog with whom he shares the house.

And then watch how cleverly the iguana solves his problem. Somebody raised him to be a good boy!

(Iguanas are social animals, and if you want one to be a good pet, you have to bond with and train him while he’s still young and little.)

6 comments on “Smart Iguana vs. Cat

  1. The cat had no idea of what to do about that iguana and the iguana was smart and knew where his sanctuary was. They are not mindless creatures.

    Tonight on my bike ride, I saw a snake crossing the road. As best I could tell, it was a Coachwhip Snake, AKA a Red Racer, about 3′ long. When he saw me coming in his direction he made haste for the brush and I never got as close as I would have liked to. Once again, it may be a simple animal, but not mindless.

    1. There was one cat who used to poop on people’s beds. Whenever she tried to get into my room, my iguana charged her. She soon learned to keep out.
      But the other cat in the house, and the dog–they were his friends. The three of them would cuddle up together on my bed.
      Damn, I love those animals…

    2. Which requires a lot more brainpower than most people would attribute to a reptile. Obviously, these creatures are not stupid.

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