‘Racer Begs Forgiveness for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses’ (2017)

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This he’s not afraid of?

Why does a man whose job calls for him literally to risk his life, or a severe injury, crumple into a wet soggy ball when he’s accused to being a Hater?

Racer Begs Forgiveness for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses

Y’know, in the social media, it’s not hard for three or four people to appear to be three or four thousand, if they’re willing to work at it. Getting scared off by social media trolls indicates not only a want of spirit, but a want to judgment. That wasn’t a lynch mob out there, sunshine: it was two Far Left Crazy morons banging on a couple pots and pans.

Have we learned by now that the transgender movement must be utterly destroyed… because it is not sane?

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  1. It seems so obvious that trans is insane, but so many people don’t seem to get it. I am mystified by such insanity. then, on the other hand, just a moment’s thought reminds me that the “god of this world” has control of so many people, that really it is not surprising after all. Remember the Lord’s words: “a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand…” and the enemy kingdom is divided, so it will not stand. We have to oppose and expose it in every way possible .

  2. It’s surprising that someone unafraid to drive an F1 car, could be so cowed, but that’s the folly of social media. In order to drive in the series, you have to attract many millions of sponsorship dollars, so he was probably afraid of recriminations against himself, via threats to boycott his sponsors. As with every business, the source of the money has the final word.

  3. We need to call a spade a spade, and the influence of Satan the influence of Satan. The world’s Geist has made Science the god of man and shames all those who claim that Satan exists. The transgender spirit is straight out of hell. It must be resisted by God’s elect. We are commanded to speak the truth in love. We humble ourselves before God so He may exalt us before men.

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