Racer Begs Forgiveness for Saying Boys Don’t Wear Dresses

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Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton is groveling and begging for forgiveness after recently tweeting that “Boys don’t wear dresses” (https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/lewis-hamilton-apologizes-for-saying-boys-dont-wear-princess-dresses/). The boy in question was his three-year-old nephew, whose dotard parents put him in a princess dress for Christmas.

We seem to be marooned on Abomination Island.

Of course, an army of trolls piled onto Hamilton for his comment, quickly motivating him to reverse course. So now it’s “I love that my nephew feels free–” the kid is only three years old–“to express himself as we all should.” Really? As we all should? You want to think that over for a minute, buster?

Grovel, grovel. “Nice, nice hobbitses, my precious! Let usss live a little longer, gollum-gollum!” All right, what he really said was “My deepest apologies” and “I hope I can be forgiven–” by who?–“for this lapse in judgment.” It only sounds like Gollum.

He also admitted to the shiny new thought crime of “gender shaming.” Wait’ll the Canadian “human rights” commissions get hold of that one.

I am exceedingly reluctant to believe that the vast majority of people in the Western world today have come around whole-heartedly, and damned near instantly, to a full embrace of the Transgender mythology. After all, the social media makes it possible for two nuts to appear to be a thousand, if they’ve got the time and motivation for it. So maybe Mr. Hamilton is licking dust for just a little handful of kooks who made him think he’d incurred the wrath of multitudes.

My uncles, bless them, are dead. But I like to think they would have protected me, if my parents went tranny hog-wild with me when I was only three years old.


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  1. When Andy Warhol stated that in the future, we would all be famous for 15 minutes he absolutely nailed the moment. I have a cartoon with two dogs next to a computer and one tells the other, “on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” The internet has given “fame” of sorts to all sorts of people and certainly placed the power of information into the hands of everyone.

    During the Watergate era, Ben Bradlee was a very powerful man, because he made decisions of what was published in the Washington Post. In the current era, anyone can be Ben Bradlee. The Internet has freed information and launched its own media stars. Sometimes this has been good, but other times it has been bad. One big difference is accountability and credibility. A generation ago, newspapers protected their reputations zealously. If some blogger makes a fool of themselves, they can just assume a new Internet identity and propagate the same ideas, which may well attract the same followers.

    Say something unpopular, such as what happened with Lewis Hamilton, and you may we’ll find yourself facing a “flash mob” of people intent on having their pound of flesh. A small number of people can seem large and menacing if they all have multiple online identities.

    This is one reason I dislike Facebook, Twitter, etc. publishing our thoughts so widely has a downside and can come back to haunt us.

  2. “I am exceedingly reluctant to believe that the vast majority of people in the Western world today have come around whole-heartedly, and damned near instantly, to a full embrace of the Transgender mythology.”

    I think your right about that Lee. I certainly don’t see a plethora of crossdressers in my daily life. I see traditional families and people just living their life without obsessing over these things. Unfortunately, there is almost zero pushback against it. Christianity has long been a bulwark against the radical Left, but with its erosion, they have been able to make tremendous headway. We have let far left with their wacky ideas, that would have been dismissed a few decades ago, steadily dismantle every tradition, every moral, unraveling the very fabric of society. The only way this can reverse if there is some sort of spiritual awakening on a massive scale. Will it happen? I don’t know, but it is our only hope.

    1. My own take on this is that it serves a purpose. When Christ returns there are going to be a lot of people craving the moral anchor of true worship. Whatever choice people make at that time will be informed.

  3. The summer Olympics in South Korea this coming year are allowing transgenders to compete as females – unbelievable. Their rational is the trannies have to be taking estrogen supplements and drugs that reduce testosterone so it makes it fair. Who are they kidding? There is nothing fair about men competing with women. At this rate there won’t be any male & female categories, just people competing with each other.

    1. Yes, it is crazy, no amount of hormones is going to negate all the physical differences between men and women. Satan has always tried to pervert God’s design, and these people are his unwitting accomplices.

    2. I’m really seeing it with many institutions. The Olympics, the Nobel Prize, the NFL, the colleges and the mainstream churches. Many of these things are losing their luster. Formerly reliable businesses have become unreliable and in some cases dishonest. It’s everywhere.

    3. How come we never see a bad institution getting better? And how come all of the above all seem to be going bad in the same way? You’d swear there was some evil guiding principle at work.

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