‘Those Who Can’t Do…?’ (2012)

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Remember that commercial? For expert advice in dealing with your rotten kid, you’re supposed to go to this character whose own teen snarls “I hate you!” and slams the door in her face.

Those Who Can’t Do…?

Next up, the Davy Jones Boat Repair Co.

It used to be “Those who can’t do, teach.” But we have learned it’s also very much a matter of “Those who can’t do anything useful at all enter our professional political class.” Will we ever be wise enough to stop electing career politicians to run the country?

2 comments on “‘Those Who Can’t Do…?’ (2012)

  1. I can’t imagine a child saying such a thing to his mother. Even though I was far from an ideal mother, my sons treat me (and always have) with love and respect. I can’t imagine how bad you would have to be to elicit such response. The mindset of this age is a horrible influence.

  2. It is very discouraging the way almost as Congress reps get re-elected until they quit. Once they get in there, it is so hard to get them out. I am so glad our senator, Tom Cotton, was able to break the mold and beat the incumbent.

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