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‘Those Who Can’t Do…?’ (2012)

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Remember that commercial? For expert advice in dealing with your rotten kid, you’re supposed to go to this character whose own teen snarls “I hate you!” and slams the door in her face.

Those Who Can’t Do…?

Next up, the Davy Jones Boat Repair Co.

It used to be “Those who can’t do, teach.” But we have learned it’s also very much a matter of “Those who can’t do anything useful at all enter our professional political class.” Will we ever be wise enough to stop electing career politicians to run the country?

‘Those Who Can’t Do…’ (2012)

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If Jabba the Hutt were trying to sell you a weight-loss elixir, you wouldn’t buy it, would you?

This is the century of the Incompetent Expert, who totally fails at the very thing he or she is supposed to be an expert in. In this case, child-rearing.


Actually, I haven’t heard this commercial on the radio in quite some time; maybe the public got wise to this caper. I mean, who wants to pay for child-rearing tips from some Expert whose own teenager slams the door in her face and throws a tantrum?

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