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Five Black Churches Have Burned To The Ground In One Week - YouTube

A church in Mississippi has been burned down after declining to obey a local lockdown order.

Are we in China?

The First Pentacostal Church in Holly Springs continued to hold services, largely because the governor of the state designated churches as “essential.” But the town didn’t. The town sent police to harass the congregation during midweek Bible study and Easter services. So the church sued the town: and next thing you know, the church burned down (

Spray-painted onto the ruin was the message, “I Bet you stay home now you hypokrits.” Must’ve been a college graduate.

Arson is suspected. Ya think?

Warning! The coronavirus panic is viewed by Far Left Crazy as a golden opportunity to transform America into a socialist dump. You know they’ve always had it in for the churches.

And you know they’ve been growing less and less coy about making their desires evident to all.

They want an America from which Christianity has been extinguished, Christian morality has been erased, and the only freedom left is the freedom to fornicate. Everything else will be strictly controlled by government. Their government.

They would like for the national lockdown to go on to Election Day. They think that’ll give their Democrats the victory. And then they can get really serious–Red China-serious–about stomping down the churches and making everybody’s mind right, or else.

Stop them this time, or be resigned to lose your liberties.

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  1. “You know they’ve always had it in for the churches.” This is very true for their are God’s enemies and we who are on His side too as well. We all know exactly what’s going on. Only the strong will survive this one. No matter what God will fight for us and to love is Christ and to die is gain. Very serious and critical times are coming upon the Bride of Christ. It’s nothing new to us and we must be prepared to die for Jesus. <3

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