Can They Put the Brakes on the Pope?

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Birds of a feather

A priest participating in the virtual Rome Life Forum this weekend called Pope Francis’ weird take on the coronavirus pandemic “the epitome of absurdity” (

This is the same Pope who invited Amazonian “Pachamama” idol worship into the Vatican last October, and who last month said the pandemic was “nature’s response to [man-made] global warming” and “income inequality.” Father Linus Clovis sums up the Pope’s position as “nature having a fit.”

Certainly not a sign of God’s displeasure. No, heck, He only troubles disobedient nations with pestilence in the Old Testament: certainly not now!

Question: What greater punishment could God inflict than to leave us to our own devices, ruled over by villains, imbeciles, and thieves?

Nature having a fit, eh? Does that mean Nature is some kind of goddess who ought to be appeased? Maybe toss a virgin or two into a volcano?

Is this Pope, with his merry band of toadies, really Catholic? Is he even really a Christian?

I think we really need to set aside our denominational differences and seek God together, with all our hearts.

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  1. I’m Catholic, and every time I see a reference to, or even a picture of, this Pope, I cringe — as do many of my fellow-Catholics. I sincerely believe that he isn’t Christian at all, possibly not even a believer in God as we know Him. Maybe “gods,” maybe “the Force,” maybe (as some have speculated) “the Great Architect” of the Freemasons. But not God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible. These are terrible times.

    1. Even the scourge of Pope Francis will come to pass. Let us pray for true spiritual leadership in the office of the Pope. I sure wish this pope wouldn’t have taken the name Francis because a statue of Francis of Assisi sits on my hearth.

    2. I doubt us Protestants are any better off.
      God’s people have to hang together, regardless of whatever denomination any of them happen to be in.
      Long live Cardinal Burke.

  2. Romans 8:19 says all creation is eagerly waiting for the revealing of the sons of God. Somehow creation is connected to how mankind behaves. Just as Jesus says He will spew out of His mouth those who are lukewarm, so the physical creation will respond to godless societies. I live in tornado country and insurance policies call them acts of God.

  3. The Pope is surrounded by at least a trillion dollars of Vatican wealth and the dollar value of his own care is many billions every year. So when he talks about “income inequality” he must mean we, not him, must distribute our wealth until everyone has as little as the next poor guy. That’ll keep us in our place, yeah! And forget about being told about Jesus or prayer or the end of days or even to read the Bible. That’s just not where this False Prophet wannabe is coming from – or going to.

  4. What I find interesting is that this is not isolated. This pope is bit one example of mainstream churches in upheaval. It seems to be happening in a lot of places.

    1. Exactly. Mainstream churches are Turing their backs on the scriptures and allowing, even promoting, things that are not in harmony with the scriptures.

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