A Shout-Out to Joshua

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From time to time, regular readers of this blog mysteriously disappear. Often it’s because of a computer problem. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, you get cut off from a blog that you’ve been following. In desperation, someone might ask me to fix the problem! Might as well ask the cat.

We haven’t seen hide nor hair of Joshua all week. With him living in Japan, I can’t exactly ring his doorbell and see if he’s all right. We’re all connected in cyberspace! A tenuous connection, sometimes, easily disrupted.

Several of you have lost your email notifications, again for no reason, or lost your ability to post a comment–again, no reason–and all I can say is, “And they want to put a computer in charge of our nuclear missiles??” I have no idea why those things happen. If only there were such a thing as a WordPress troubleshooter who spoke English instead of just computer lingo, accessible to all.

Joshua! Where are you, man? Is everything all right? Do you need some prayers? Or is it just your computer going on strike, just to exasperate you?

We do care about each other, this blog is a fellowship–and we all want to stay in touch, don’t we?

So please don’t disappear on purpose!

12 comments on “A Shout-Out to Joshua

  1. Yeaaah, Joshua, let us know what is happening, that is , If the computer, its programming, …whatever it is, if you are able, clue us in.

  2. I don’t know how long he’s been “missing” but this Memorial Day weekend a lot of people are “missing” – just not on the internet.

  3. WordPress, apparently, has made some sort of change and, at least from my perspective, I can no longer login the way I did before. I have to manually re-enter my email address, every time I post. Then I have to manually subscribe and then manually confirm that subscription. I went to my own WordPress control panel and didn’t see any setting that appear to affect any of this behavior, which leads me to conclude that WordPress has made “improvements” which aren’t improvements in any sense of the word. Maybe this info can be passed onto WordPress Support, but I’m not holding my breath. For the last couple of years, at least, WordPress seems to have made changes to the authentication process and it has become less useful with every iteration.

    If you are out there and can’t login, Jeremy, try entering your email address and see if WordPress populates the rest. It’s a lot of effort, compared to how it should be, but it might be worth it.

    1. Maybe this advice will help Dave, too. Thanks!

      I suspect WordPress’s “happiness engineers” are all computer nerds who don’t know anyone and never talk with anyone who isn’t.

    2. On a daily basis, I deal with tech support people for all sorts of gear, mostly routers switches and advanced firewalls. Some of these guys are amazing and capable. However, even on some very high end gear, tech support (which costs many thousands of dollars per year) is provided by people that seem to have no sense of urgency whatsoever and will drag a 20 minute problem out for months, due to poor communications. In more than one case, I’ve figured out the fix before tech support ever did.

  4. I may be “disappearing” myself for the next few days. I’m not going away, and so far my computer hasn’t gone on the fritz — although that may be next with all the other things that have been happening — but I’m just plain tuckered out and sometimes can’t even finish a comment. I’m still reading, though, and still praying for everyone here, but ….

    See that? I almost fell asleep with my nose in my keyboard.

    1. Me too. I’m sick of this whole thing. I went to the supermarket today and things were a lot closer to normal, but still strange. I’m tired of masks, and doubt that they do much more than make it look as if you are complying with the effort. On the way home, on the Interstate, I was passed by a couple on a Harley, both wearing masks. What good do masks do at 75 MPH on a motorcycle?

  5. This whole thing is insane. These control freaks are having a field day at the peoples’ expense.

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