So When Do I Start?

the throne | Lee Duigon

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here in New Jersey, this May and last May have been unseasonably cold and rainy. My own blog archives tell me so. And so much for Global Warming.

When I wrote The Throne, I was able to start writing it in April and finish in late October. Last year, I couldn’t start The Wind from Heaven until May 24, and I finished in early November on the last day–really, the very last–I possibly could have finished, before the bad weather set in until the next spring. Although actually it’s still here.

I’ve been waiting for a sign to start writing the next book, but all I’ve got so far is an Ornitholestes sneaking around the underbrush in Lintum Forest. Is that what the Lord wants me to use as a starting-point? Can it work?

Well, I’m running short of time, so I might as well take the first step and see if it leads to a second. Say a little prayer for me.

4 comments on “So When Do I Start?

  1. Yep, the weather here in Idaho is not too great, either. Not global warming, for sure, but maybe global cooling.???

  2. Prayers for your writing efforts! Here in western Arkansas we are having rain forecasted for the next seven days. Last year at this time Fort Smith was the top story in the national news because the Arkansas River flooded and you couldn’t get in or out of town for a couple of days. May New Jersey get a break and have some inspiring writing weather.

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