No, You Don’t Turn into Spider-Man

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Three boys in Bolivia, aged 12, 10, and 8, were hospitalized for a week after purposely getting a black widow spider to bite them (

Why did they do that?

Because they saw a Spider-Man comic-book movie and wanted to acquire super-powers… like Spider-Man.

Twelve’s a little old for that, don’t you think?

Many years ago you used to hear occasional stories of some kid using a towel for a cape and jumping off a tool shed because he thought the cape would enable him to fly like Superman. Superman was big on TV in those days.

Kids do stupid things sometimes. They’re not old enough to know any better. It’s why we don’t let them drive cars, enter into binding contracts, or vote.

I hope Nancy Pelosi doesn’t see this news item. She’ll want to lower the voting age to 12.

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  1. Wow, kids do crazy things, but we can consider that they are only children. What is the excuse for the grownups (so called) who do just as many stupid things.

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