‘Shoot the Media?’ (2017)

We don’t love them anymore.

There aren’t many fans of the nooze media here on this blog. So when the mayor of Tampa, a few years ago, cracked a joke about machine-gunning a crowd of “reporters,” a lot of us got a wee sardonic chuckle out of watching the media squirm.

Shoot the Media?

Three years later they still think we should love them for despising us and trying to transform our country into a socialist landfill. I don’t think anyone hates the American people more than the American nooze media, unless it’s the Democrat Party itself. But then the party and the noozies are pretty much the same thing.

I’m going to put quotes around the word “reporters” from now on because that word does not describe what the noozies do. Shilling for the Far Left, that’s what they do. Reporting news–not so much.

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  1. They are actors rather than reporters. They display what they think are the appropriate facial expressions, tone of voice (which is so annoying) and the memorized lines which detract from rather than reveal any truth. We are supposed to like that?

  2. That is one thing they fail at most. All the childish giggling, the talking like chipmunks, serious is one thing they have not mastered yet.

  3. They’re not there to give us true news. They’re there to make us like them (which works for leftists), so when they’re given the big lie of the day and told to shove it down our throats, we’ll believe them. And just to make sure we hear their message, they’re on every media outlet saying the same thing – repetition ad nauseam.

    1. Remember how suddenly the word “gravitas” was on every noozie’s lips–not that any of them had the foggiest idea what it meant?

    2. Their puppetmasters changed Lux et Veritas to Lux et Gravitas and you’re right, they still haven’t got a clue.

    3. LOL – true. Your comment reminds me of the times obama’s teleprompter stopped working and he started talking about things totally unrelated to what he had started to say; and the times hillary’s earpiece stopped working and she became incoherent and started shaking; even AOC began mouthing off without being able to finish a sentence. I believe she had an earpiece that malfunctioned.

    4. For sure. I also remember the videos of members of the media and a few politicians and even Judge Judy losing their ability to speak and started taking gibberish. It seemed they were all on the same Big Pharma diet.

  4. One thing I never hear about is those “journalism schools” that so many of these “reporters” attended.

    Do you suppose they were being funded by George Soros all these years?

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