The Dull Life

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Does life in The Great Quarantine make you dull and listless? Are you having trouble getting things started? Find yourself forgetting to do things that you ought to have done hours ago?

One day is just like another, and maybe you lose track of what day it is. Some perverse fascination draws you to the nooze, which is just the same as the nooze you saw yesterday and you can’t make head nor tail of it anyhow. If you don’t wear a face mask, you’ll die! Face masks are completely useless! And every position in between. You can’t get an authoritative answer because they’re all authoritative answers! If you don’t like what one expert says, it’ll only take you a few minutes to find another expert who says the opposite.

Waiting for the next mandate to drop.

Hang it all, I’ve got to write a book! And finish it before cold weather sets in. If you think that’s easy, try it sometime.

But it would be less hard without this onerous quarantine.

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  1. Yes to all your questions. This is the most irritating thing I have ever, in my long lifetime, seen, and yes it is getting on my nerves big time. Maybe that is part of the ploy.

  2. What’s been getting to me, now that more people are out and about so that I can talk to a wider range of people than during the lockdown, is how many people have drunk the Kool-aid. We would all have died, according to them, if we hadn’t been locked up. We would all have died if we hadn’t worn masks, and we’re still going to die if we don’t wear them. One woman at my dentist’s office this morning — where we all had to do the mask-and-sanitizer-and-questionnaire-and-distancing before going into the examining rooms — actually said, “It’s a whole new world now.” She’d accepted the idea that we were going to be wearing masks and shunning each other for the rest of our lives, and she was pretty much okay with that. Hey, what can you do, if it’s what our masters think is best for us. I’m hearing too much of this kind of thing. And when I bring up the 38 million unemployed, the hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies, the spiking suicides and addictions, and all the rest of the results of the lockdowns, I get blank looks at best and more “but people could have died” tremors at worst. When I bring up the fudged statistics and the really low fatality rates as compared with other epidemics, I get not just blank looks but outright hostile looks. Of course, those I can understand; people don’t like the idea that they may have been duped.

    And in case you’re wondering how in the world you can wear a mask over your mouth at the dentist … you wear the mask until you get into the chair. Then you remove the mask, stuff it in your purse or pocket, or just hold it in your hand or your lap. When you get out of the chair, you put back on your now thoroughly contaminated mask, and all is well and safe again. Fakery. It’s all fakery. Cognitive dissonance at best.

    1. Yeahbut, yeahbut! If it saves just one life, it’s all totally worth it!

      That’s why they should lower the speed limit to 5 mph. Think of all the lives that would save.

      The embrace of “the new normal” is quietly horrifying. Makes you wonder what, if anything, he *couldn’t* be brought to embrace.

  3. Fighting against the massive propaganda is hard. Really hard. It’s exhausting to see the effect it’s had on so many people.

    I am bitterly sick and tired of wearing a mask for hours a day until the customers leave. It drains my energy, makes me lightheaded, and I’m sure it isn’t healthy to breathe lungfuls of recycled carbon dioxide.
    I do assure you I won’t be caught dead in a mask anywhere I don’t have to wear one.

    On the other hand, i can see how God is able to bring the whole world down. They have loved lies, and He will destroy them with lies.

    Americans especially love to blather about freedom, but they’ve just proved how enslaved their minds are.
    Near the beginning of the lockdown in Florida, they started bringing out fourth of July tshirts with ‘Freedom’ pubs and sayings on them. The irony was not lost on me.

    1. Yeah, “freedom,” right–freedom to do as Big Brother says.
      We can only keep on working for the Kingdom. What else is there?

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