Quokka to the Rescue!

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here–as “troubleshooter,” if you can believe it.

This blog is barely limping along, lately, and I’m supposed to do something about it. Like I haven’t got enough to do, founding Quokka University! I mean, we just found out the NCAA doesn’t have anything for pick-up sticks–how dumb is that?

Right! We’re playing to an almost empty house, Byron to the rescue, all hands on deck, etc., etc. And we just had a comment contest (he hasn’t yet mailed out the prizes–I hope there’s nothing wrong with him), so we can’t immediately have another one.

How about a contest to think up a really interesting contest that’ll get readers excited all over the world?

That’s my suggestion!

Consider the trouble shot.

5 comments on “Quokka to the Rescue!

  1. Aww, just one look at your adorable face, Byron, and I’m inspired to reply. Lee certainly knows how to get to us! 🙂

    Actually, I haven’t been around much lately because I’ve been dealing with a few health glitches, mostly a swollen and painful foot that two doctors haven’t been able to find the cause of, even after two exams, three X-rays, and blood work (two vials, to keep the string of numbers going). I’m on an antibiotic right now, and I have to go back next week to let the two doctors play more guessing games if the foot hasn’t improved. Well, at least I managed to get to see a couple of doctors. For a while, unless you had the Wuhan, no one wanted to deal with you.

    And in the background, I hear the merry ka-CHING of the hospital’s cash registers ringing up the bills….

    In addition to all this, one of my last three remaining relatives died two weeks ago. And in the two weeks since then, my cat Iggy has had some pretty bad days. Oh, and my car’s engine light came on during the Memorial Day weekend when my auto care shop was closed. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

    Almost sounds like a chapter of “Oy, Rodney,” doesn’t it? But seeing Byron’s sweet face helps a lot.

    1. I hope it’s not a heel spur. I’ve had one for years, and it really hurts. Surgery has a 50/50 chance of either being successful or making it worse. I don’t like those odds.

  2. An original poem or story about Byron and his adventures might be appealing to some – maybe those in Japan? Byron the Barrister or Byron the Baritone. That’s it, putting words to a familiar song about our Byron, and let Patty be the judge of who wins. That’s my two cents.

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