1 Out of 3 of Us: Bonkers?

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I don’t know how such information as this winds up in a census; but according to data acquired by the U.S. Census Bureau and “analyzed” by The Washington Post (for what that’s worth!), some one third of Americans today are suffering from “clinical anxiety” and/or depression (https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/28/one-in-three-americans-now-show-signs-of-clinical-anxiety-or-depression/).

The numbers have doubled since 2014.

A major reason for people growing increasingly downhearted, grants the report, is “uncertainty spurred by moving the goalposts” for the end of statewide lockdowns throughout the country. Well, gee! They’re always moving the goalposts. No wonder people are losing their morale along with their jobs. Democrat governors never come right out and say “We’re going to try to keep this lockdown and economic catastrophe going right up till Election Day, so we can get you ignorant voters to blame it all on Trump and put our socialist wack-jobs into office.” No. They wait till the due date draws near and then they move it back. It really gets to people, when they do it that way. Like those horrible dreams in which you’re back in school waiting for the last day–and it never comes.

The report doesn’t say so, but I imagine any large amount of time spent watching TV nooze these days will also drive you to depression. Enough of it would make you as mad as a hatter. Imagine the state of mind of someone who watches “The View” on purpose. How would you like to get lost in that psychological wilderness?

Has it become obvious yet that Democrats are more than willing to see us all climbing the walls, as long as it helps them get back into power?

Put ’em out of business!

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  1. “ALL SO-CALLED MENTAL DISORDERS ARE INVENTED, CONCOCTED, NAMED, LABELED, DESCRIBED, AND CATEGORIZED by committees of psychiatrists, from menus of human behaviors.” I agree. This is the business of Big Pharma to sell more drugs for the over 267 diagnoses the DSM has come up with. And misdiagnoses are rampant. Many “symptoms” are the result of the toxic drugs themselves, or even from withdrawal itself. Most children diagnosed with ADHD do not have ADHD and Big Pharma’s medicine causes all sorts of bad side effects. This said, I do believe that many people are suffering from depression, as though losing their job, their business, their home, and being locked down for months should make them happy? Anxiety is the step just before depression when worry has taken over like a ride in a helicoptor in free fall.

  2. Anxiety is the delusion that you might be able to figure a way out of your dire circumstances. Depression is the realization that you can’t.

    1. I pray for the strength to not go crazy while I keep on covering this stuff. Sometimes my work seems, well, pointless. I pray for enough faith to keep me going.

    2. God hears you because you’re still covering “this stuff.” You know your work is not pointless but you’d feel better if more people were reaping its benefits. I was watching a stimulus youtuber who has over a thousand subscribers but only two views since yesterday.

    3. Well, I may not have any good news for you, yet, but that’s good news for us – the writing, not the cigar. Well, maybe the cigar…

  3. The whole thing is; mentally ill by whose standards? If people are stressed by what is going on, that does not indicate a disease, it indicates a normal reaction to a terrible situation.

  4. I agree with Marlene and Unknowable, that the “experts” have always been too eager to label every quirk of human behavior a kind of disorder. But there really have been more suicides and drug overdoses since the onset of the lockdowns. Those, at least, can be quantified.

    As for me, I’ve become a lot crankier during my time under house arrest. And since I’m pretty cranky under normal conditions (I use my Old Lady status as an excuse), that’s really saying something. The thing is that what I’m frustrated and nearly frantic about isn’t primarily my own situation — my pension hasn’t taken a hit yet — but the nearly 40 million people out of work, the hundred thousand or more small businesses that have collapsed, and most of all what I see all around me of people’s willingness to give up their freedom, to swallow the Kool-aid, buckets of it if ordered to do so, and punish anyone who refuses to drink. How could this have happened in America??? (That’s a rhetorical question. I think I know the answer.)

    1. When adultery gets repackaged as “sex addiction,” you can see what’s gone wrong. Oh, wait–they’ve already done that.

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