So What’s the Mask for, Again?

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“To hear is to obey, O Master!”

High-profile Democrat pipsqueaks have begun to separate the wearin’ o’ the facemask from any demonstrable medical benefit and instead are touting it as a “symbol” of assorted peachy things (

Wearing the mask is “officially cool,” babbled New York Gov. Andrew “Terror of the Nursing Homes” Cuomo. It “signifies strength [and] compassion for others,” hoots the Democrat running North Carolina, Roy Cooper. Even medical oracle Dr. Anthony Fauci says the mask is “a symbol” of what we ought to do for others–even if, he grants, it’s something less than 100% useful. And for weird Joe Biden it’s a “symbol of leadership.” He said more, but I don’t like to pick on senile people. Although with the likes of Andrew Cuomo on the loose, you can’t blame him for not checking himself into a nursing home.

Sorry! Was that harsh? Well, it’s not as harsh as what the Democrats are doing to this country–not to mention unleashing their tame nooze media to see that Red China gets a free pass for loosing a plague upon the world. Now that was really harsh!

So now wearing the stupid mask and breathing your own recycled CO2 is “cool” and “compassionate” and if you don’t do it you’re an Enemy of the People, blah-blah. It’s part of “the new normal,” “the new world”! And can we please have our socialism now, Nanny?

Shame on America, shame on us for consenting to be lorded over by such people.

P.S.–If the masks are admittedly only a “symbol” now, how is it not a flagrant violation of the First Amendment to order people to wear them? What kind of freedom do we have, if they can tell us what to say?

14 comments on “So What’s the Mask for, Again?

  1. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be: Cover our faces, shut us up, lock us down, and pretend we don’t exist. That’ll serve us right for eating, drinking, breathing, and owning property! It’s THEIR inheritance and they want it now. These damn prodigals won’t be going home!

  2. You said it, “shame on us”. Pathetic, childish, irrisponsible ninnies. Anything to create drama in a world that lives and breathes drama (and cheap drama, at that)

  3. I guess Saudi Arabia is cool, too, since it requires women to cover their faces when they go out of their homes, and they need permission from their guardians to go outside in the first place (read: lockdown). But we’re even cooler! We’re supercool! We require the same things of men! Hooray for our team and all that. Ptui.

  4. If the Wuhan virus was as deadly as the experts originally said I can see calling for a quarantine and the use of masks, but it isn’t that deadly at all – just another flu bug. I have not worn a mask so far, and refuse to eat in a restaurant that requires them. I see the mask as a symbol of Socialism.

    1. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.
      “The mask is here to stay.” How could we have sunk as low as that?

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