Did I Just See… a Quokka?

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Hoo-boy! I just thought I saw a quokka’s face looking in on me, through the window. Byron the Quokka, to be specific.

Impossible. There are no quokkas in New Jersey. And anyway it was only for a second, if that long.

Have you ever seen The Last Man on Earth–the movie in which everyone but Vincent Price turns into a vampire? Somehow I think we’re headed there. No wonder I see quokkas.

I pray for national repentance and a return to sanity. God can give us those blessings, if we ask Him for them. I have a strong feeling that He’s waiting to hear from us.

7 comments on “Did I Just See… a Quokka?

  1. I certainly agree with you. God is patient, merciful and forgiving, but we have to turn from our wicked ways before He can heal our land. Never has our land needed healing more than now.

  2. I read in Luke 11 today where Jesus says He will give the Holy Spirit to all those who ask for Him. Let’s ask every day, all day long to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is only by the Spirit of God anyone or thing can change for the better. God has a plan is the bottom line. Let us live by faith and not by sight.

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