‘Pastor Gored by Mad Bull–in Church!’ (2015)

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This story should have forever silenced the claim that people in Ohio are strait-laced and pedestrian.

Pastor Gored by Mad Bull–in Church!

So your church service includes bull-wrangling? And the pastor almost gets killed? Well, that oughta put some fannies in the pews!

But at least we’ve now made it clear, I think, how far is too far for the seeker-friendly church to go.

I wonder if the embedded video still works.

2 comments on “‘Pastor Gored by Mad Bull–in Church!’ (2015)

  1. I can believe the video, but those other stories I might have to fact check them with Snopes :). Once I was invited to the final service of a Baptist revival where the “preacher boys” (those doing internship with the traveling evangelist) were involved in a contest of who could bring the most souls to the revival meetings. The prize for the winning preacher boy was to hold a baby pig in is arms for the prize, and man did that pig ever squeal. The church people seemed to think it was a lot of fun – I thought it was strange and weird.

    1. The pastor in the church I grew up in would’ve just fallen down dead if they ever did that in his church.

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