‘Did We See a Pterodactyl?’ (2017)

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If you have a habit of watching the sky from time to time, you’ll eventually see something that you can’t explain. As we once did.

Did We See a Pterodactyl?

Wait a minute! Holmdel, New Jersey? Oh, come on!

All right, all right, maybe it was just the Jersey Devil…


4 comments on “‘Did We See a Pterodactyl?’ (2017)

  1. At this point, I’m open to anything. There were legends of Thunderbirds throughout the ages. Some believe these were pterodactyls. Since the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur fossils, the entire subject is open to reinterpretation. The more I study the Flood, the more convinced I become that it was essential in God’s plans as a way to preserve essential history and to protect, in the long run, His creation. If living examples of dinosaurs were found to exist in our day, I would be delighted, but not at all surprised.

    I watched the video on the original post. Quite interesting. I normally don’t like music featuring distorted guitars, but that background music really spoke to me. It is an obscure false fact that pterodactyls preferred flying to the sound of Rock guitar. 🙂

  2. Maybe you both ate some tainted seafood at the beach and it caused this hallucination :). There is a guy in our area that has a hanglider type of apparatus with a small motor that he uses to sail around in the open skies. My wife calls it a suicide plane.

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